There is no substitute for hard work.

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The Cannon Search Partners Process

Our teams are recruiting machines; machines that must be calibrated carefully to produce excellent results. We follow a strict process to help us respond swiftly to your needs and save you the time and effort of weeding through unqualified candidates.

Step 1: Understanding Your Needs

It all begins with opening up a dialogue between you and a Search Consultant. We’ve been told we ask a lot of questions, but the more we understand what you are looking for, the better we can calibrate the search.

Step 2: Sourcing Candidates

While we have access to all of the job boards, most of the best candidates usually aren't posting their resumes. Our Senior Search Consultants research and network tirelessly to find the "hidden" candidates who often end up being the most qualified.

Step 3: Qualifying the Best Candidates

We will not represent a candidate until we have conducted a comprehensive interview with them by first covering their current skills, all past places of employment, reasons for leaving those roles, complete salary history, work authorization status, motivation for seeking a new role, salary expectations, and reference verification. Then and only then will we start to probe for how their qualifications may match for your role.

Step 4: Coordinating Interviews

Our Senior Search Consultants will help coordinate candidate availability to fit within your hiring managers' weekly schedules. We stay close to the candidate every step of the way, keeping you updated with other pending offers or status changes. Cannon Search Partners' candidates arrive to interviews on time, prepared, and prequalified by one of our professionals.

Step 5: Landing the Candidate

The best candidates often receive multiple offers in a tight market. Your Cannon Search Partners Search Consultant will play an active role in helping you understand what parts of the offer package will make the most difference in each case. And after an offer is accepted, we walk the candidate through the resignation process, counseling them specifically on how to approach counter-offers.

We invest a lot of resources and effort in executing our recruiting process so you can save time in your hiring process. Contact a local Cannon Search Partners Search Consultant to get started on finding the best talent for you today.