Whatever is worth doing at all, is worth doing well.

About Us

Cannon Search Partners is a contingency search firm, specializing in the placement of Information Technology professionals in full time permanent positions. Whether we are helping a client fill a critical role or representing a top tier candidate on a confidential search, our approach begins with our primary business practice: we listen.

Tap into our resources! Our recruiting managers and search consultants will help you fill your most challenging roles faster. We have invested years of industry specific training to ensure our targeted searches will be focused on exactly the skills and desired character traits your position requires. Information Technology is our exclusive area of expertise. That's all we do, and we do it well.

Top tier candidates enjoy great success with us because of the deep networks we have built. We listen to what motivates them and present only the best opportunities available that line up with their career goals. We've been told our greatest strength is our commitment to straight forward, timely communication. To us a search is complete only when both the client and candidate's expectations have been exceeded. Our business culture attracts enthusiastic, positive, hard-working achievers. Call us today to see how we can help you!

Our Philosophy

Our business is based on the professional relationships we build with our clients and candidates. Cannon Search Partners was founded with steadfast principles of hard work, integrity, and committed follow through. We use our extensive network and recruiting power to show you the best cross section of the market for your difficult-to-fill roles. Our standards are high because we know our reputation is on the line with each candidate we represent.

While we have achieved great success on some of the toughest searches, we will always be upfront with our clients if we may not be the best resource for a particular position. We understand how important and potentially stressful choosing an employer can be for candidates. All of our search consultants are trained to handle your search with confidentiality, respect, and open communication, especially when it comes to providing prompt feedback throughout the interview process.